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This is the fic and icon journal for Tarie.

"I told you!" Ron hissed at Hermione as she stared down at the article. "I told you not to annoy Rita Skeeter! She's made you out to be some sort of-- of scarlet woman!"

Hermione stopped looking astonished and snorted with laughter. "Scarlet woman?" she repeated, shaking with suppressed giggles as she looked around at Ron.

"It's what my mum calls them," Ron muttered, his ears going red.

"If that's the best Rita can do, she's losing her touch," said Hermione, still giggling, as she threw Witch Weekly onto the empty chair beside her. "What a pile of old rubbish."
- Goblet of Fire, JK Rowling

Master list of fics will go here.

You may also find my fics at The Archive | AFF | Skyehawke | Restricted Section | The Quidditch Pitch | HPFandom

I also RP quite a bit. One of the places you may find me is at [community profile] the_blank_slate, a panfandom RPG.

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